September 20, 2008

Working Stills of "Arra Arra Abba Attatari Thamba"

Cameraman Sanjay Menane ( his film " Shwaas" was sent to Oscars.

Teja Devkar

With Surekha Kudchi ( she played a character of Jogtin and played it very well )

After the climax this song which is full of fun, give a smile when the audience comes out of the theatre.

dhamaal song, everyone had a great time while shooting dispite of the heat in Jalgaon.

all the characters in the film are present in this song

end frames of the films

Interval point, hilarious scene followed by this intense showdown. with Sadashiv Amrapurkar, you see Nagesh Bhosle in the centre.

This drama before the interval is well received. everyone enjoys.

the legand of marathi films Mr Nilu Phule. he plays the sutradhar , the narrator.

Director Reema Amrapurkar , at the photoshoot for the publicity.

some interesting moments

first day of the shoot in Jalgaon.

cameraman Sanjay Memane and still photographer shailendar

getting ready for the intense scene

with Nagesh Bhosle, we play lot of cricket in between the shoots

this is the team from Jain Irrigation, who served best food for all of us with lot of love..

newcomers but good performers Swati & Rageshri

this man in the white is Mr dhage, local hero, does street plays and he is too good..

writer of this film Balaji whagmode and production controller
This is Tushar Gang, satish tare, vikas samudre, teja devkar, sunil huske and vishal jadav
with teja devkar ( famous for her yatra film Hirva kunko )
this is the spirit of the film
satish and vikas

this team is the first and the last of its kind..

September 17, 2008

Maharashtra Times article about my Dream Home

This was a very interesting article written by my Journalist friend Neelesh. A huge half page article which I had to scan in parts, a well written article and for me it was keeping alive a dream which I always have, about a Dream home, which I think everyone has in their minds, And people like me who have lived in the metropolitan city throughout my life , look forward to live in the peaceful locales of the countryside, I always envied the British, even in India which was a foreign land and also different culture still they lived in style, they never came down where living standards are concerned, I had the opportunity to stay in a British Quarter for five years as my dad was in police, the house was huge, so huge that we had wedding functions, underarm cricket match, the only house in that area which was so big.. and when we shifted to another place that single place was divided and allotted to two officers, now people in mumbai are use to living in pigeon holes.
And so with no time I will be shifting in my dream house. Thanks Neelesh for keeping my dream alive.....

"Arra Arra Abba" News paper cuttings

As the film is releasing on the 19Th Sept in Mumbai, news papers are covering it very well, yesterdays special trial show at P.L. Deshpande auditorium was well received, Mrs Sharmila Raj Thakare ( who is my sister , as she had tied rakhi when she had come for the inogration of audio release of my film " Bhavachi Laxmi" ) had come with her friends, my school friend Jitu Thakare's wife had also coming. and along with Mr & Mrs Sadashiv Amrapukar, Reema, Priya Berde, Vikas Samudre , and almost all media had come.. people who saw appreciated the film..

September 16, 2008

And finally "Chanchal" is releasing

Finally after a long wait the film will see the light of the day, I was waiting for this film, one of my nicest film, this is a beautiful shot beautiful locales of Shimla, Directed by my favourite director Indrajeet Arora, who has always casted me in different roles.
This film has given me an opportunity to work with hindi star Gracy Singh, she is a excellent dancer and very professional. She was also Sanjeev Bhattacharya's find in " Zee serial in " Amanat" then came " Lagaan" and then " MunnaBhai MBBS" all trendsetting work and now comes " Chanchal" which is again a clean nice and a different kind of a film which the family audience will love it....The film releases next month i.e. in November 2008...

Sasar Maze Mandir Releases on the 12th Sept'08

High Voltage melodrama performance comes on screen at Yavatmal, and people go crazy, while acting I had visualised the impact and that comes true.

premiere was at Shyam Talkies and all the top people of yavatmal, Amravati had come. Mr Darda of Lokmat news paper

The rally organised gave me chance to directly interact with the common man.

This is one of the film I really enjoyed working and the credit goes to Mr Vaswani, who has given me excellent roles till date, three films with him and all beautiful role, first was " Sun Ladki Sasarchi " then " Maratha Battallion " and now " Sasar Maze Mandir " great impact on the audience, these films are targeted to the rural audience where they are very popular and the city audience so called intellectuals dislike it and that is the success of these films....
I love my real audience.... and will always try to do my best for them......

September 3, 2008

"Arra Arra Abba Atta Tari Thamba" Releasing in Mumbai

Yes on the 19th of Sept ' 2008, " Arra Arra Abba Attatari Thamba " releasing in mumbai after a successful run in the interiors of Maharashtra. This film is one of a kind, very different from the normal films, there are unique things about this film, best part of the film is its casting, this casting is something different from normal Marathi films, all the actors suit the character perfectly, and the characters written are very beautifully and loving. Nowadays very few films are entertaining and with a strong social message, but " Arra Arra " is an exception to that, and Hats off the Sadashiv Amrapurkar and Reema for their guts.