May 16, 2008

shooting for Marathi film at Satara

This is from the film " Bhavachi Laxmi " Directed By Sandeep Navre, Very sensitive film about strong emotional bond between brother & sister. this was last years ( 2007 ) film, which was a success in the rural areas of Maharashtra, I was also nominated for the Best Actors Award for Zee marathi. I play Bhima who dies for his sister laxmi.
From the 18th May 2008 I will be shooting for Sandeep Navre's next film called " Halad Tuzi Kunku Maze " again a emotional film targeted to the rural audience. we are shooting at the beautiful locales of Satara.

Shooting at Panvel from 2nd may to 14th may

Last week we completed the first schedule of this Marathi film called " Most Wanted " written and directed by Rajan Prabhu. Rajan is also acting in the film he is playing a charracter called Ramya, which is my favourite charracter as Rajan plays this mad chap to the T. You can see Rajan in the photograph along with Me & Ashok Saraf. This film is a comedy/ thriller about seven criminal who become good humans in the end.


Today I created my Blog , morning I was reading the news paper and was surprised to see the contravories about Amitabh, Amir and Shahrukh regarding blogs, and both Amitabh & Amir were always away from the media, for a very long time both had banned the media, then what made them write, for everyone to read, and I thought this is direct communication which they always wanted, to make so many issue clear , which were pending for years. their frusrations about shahrukh who is media friendly loved by the media, who speaks so much and hurts people.
Now coming to the point, I too felt like having my thought said directly to whoever is willing to listen , to positive and beautiful thoughts. as life cannot be wasted in fighting and having grudges.