June 29, 2008

Mr Save ( सावे ) Milind

Milind explaining the shot to be taken, and director taking a backseat, as he is sitting and listening too, the scene was little complicated , as while cutting a potato Deepali ( the heroine ) sees blood coming out of it and in the same shot when I come and see it, there is no blood. good effective scene which was also shot well. This still picture has Sameer Atle ( Cameraman ) explaining his shot and where exactly the actors should come . Milind, Manohar , Swaroop kumar & the little girl listening carefully.

Now before the shot same rehearsal for the director.

29Th June'08 9.30 pm . I Just had a very long chat over the phone with Milind, dear friend, a computer graphic designer, versatile, talented, very soon will be directing a feature film, was associated with lot of films, I met him on the set of " Mahima Kandobacha " , there were lot of complicated computer graphic shots, very pains taking, needed patience,and he had everything, I didn't know what magic he does till I saw the film, he is amazing. I believe that the day he makes a science fiction or an animation it would be at par with Hollywood.
Normally Marathi films have a very limited budget and with all the restrictions he managed to come out with excellent effects, and if he gets the facilities which the westerners have then he is unstoppable.

June 28, 2008

Ekta Kapoor, Balaji Telefilms and me

Ekta and I met for the first time many many years ago, for same programme of the channel called ATN, that time Balaji telefilms was also not in the picture, Gautam Chaturvadi and me was doing some comparing programme called Top5, it was a brief meeting, then when Ekta started Balaji Telefilms, I was offerred a beautiful role by Swapna the Directed in suspence thriller serial " Mano Ya Na Mano " produced by Ekta for Balaji, I was surprised to know that the serial was to be shot in Ahmadabad, normal that time producers would shoot in mumbai to save money, but Ekta always thought big, she would do things which no other producer has done, And this began my association with Balaji telefilms, one after another I started working for Balaji, and I was alos very happy till " Kahani tari mari ", after "Mano ya na mano" for me it was "Kaun" with Mita Vashst directed by Anurag Basu, then it was " Bandan " a daily soap with Ritu raj, then " Ittihas " a triple role where I met Sanjay Memane ( now marathi films good cinematographer )for the first time, Ekta had casted me when " Ittihas " was about to begin, I had been to Jituji Bangalow for the muhurat , I had mustaches then Ekta had asked me to remove it , and when the serial started I was not included it the cast, I also didn't care much as I was too busy on television, and the after 450 episodes I was called agains to do this triple role. my track was with the three main ladies on whom the serial was based and smita Bansal who was opposite one of my three character, then came the serial " Karam " Directed by Swapna , the character was KK, and Swapna being my favourate director I enjoyed this serial very much, then came" Kesar" which became " Kuch Khona hai Kuch Pana Hai " directed by again Anurag Basu, we shot the Pilot episode in Shalini Palace Kolhapur, Anu took 19 shifts to do the pilot episode, again this was unheard of on television history, but being Ekta Kapoor, she only could do it. then I was casted for few episodes in "Kusum" I remember only Narayani Shastri from the lot, because she had come on the burning hot set, leaving her comfortable makeup room to see my performance, and I was surprised to see an actor trying to learn from the other, then Ekta called me home as she was casting for her mega serial for Sony television " Kahani Teri Meri " and that day Maratha Battalion was releasing at the Central plaza in Girgaon, Ekta took her sweet time to meet all of us, and my mind was completely in Central Plaza, she narrated the story and the character but my mind was not there, I rushed to the theatre and fortunately or unfortunately the show had started late because of power failure. I had been once for Ekta's Birthday party at Jituji " Krishna Bangalow", and I was the most uncomfortable person there , so left early. Now I haven't met her for ages, just keep reading about her in print, my association with Ekta and Balaji will always remain special and memorable.

" Kahani Teri Mari " in which Manav , Sai, Rishi, Shamaji, Urvashi, Tina, Bunny, Manorama Aunty, Kavita. great cast and great people.

Urvashi Dolakia famous as " Komolika ", one of the very pofesssional actors I have come accross, she was already a television star when she was playing this role, so she had a author backed role, and she used to play it well, the Director Gari Binder wanted her to play it similar to Komolika, so it became very predictable, I had a good rapport with her, I used to be amazed to see her do her own makeup, she took her own sweet time to do it, and after hours inside he makeup room she used to come out transformed into that character. She liked to be into her own world, only sometimes her twin kids came on the set she would be different, very happy and jovial. and sometimes would have Sher-o-shairi from her huge stock.

This Serial gave me a opportunity to work with Late Manorama Aunty, such a loving lady, full of love and affection, we spent lot of time listening to her old time stories, her experience, she would go into flashback and tell us things about Amitabh and other actors, she was the most experienced in the " KTM"cast, recently she passed away, she was ill for a long time, she had adopted son called " Sam " who always used to be with her, he took so much care of her, he also had grown old taking care of her. Sai Balla , one of the fine actor on television, he is also a star on Kannada stage which very few people know. The massive set of " Kahani teri mari " was state of art, this who my first serial after doing so much on television which had such a massive and beautiful set, every time I shot on this set I dreamt of my film, one day my film will have such set, I use to visualise my shots and scenes, the moment one entered this set, one had a different feeling, feeling of being rich, being big. Ekta always thought big and she could also afford to think big. I played Debashish in " Kahani Teri Meri " it was a nice positive role but compared to the roles I played in other Balaji serials this role was not that appealing, like KK in "Karma", Nagesh in " Bandan ", triple role in " Itihas " and the role in " Kuch khona hai kuch panna hai " and SO many of them, which I enjoyed, this role was very much restricted, helpless kind. Sai Balla and Shama Deshpande who played my parents in " Kahani Teri Meri " I knew Sai earlier, as we had done a story for Santaram Verma's " Dehshat " that time I didn't know Sai well, but while " KTM " shoot we came very close, he is a great soul, anyone would love to have a friend like him, he is very caring and understanding person, and an happy go lucky person, a tough guy with a soft heart, he and Shamaji are made for each other couple.

June 26, 2008

" Gahire Paani " by Ratnakar Matkari

I was introduced to Ratnakar Matkari saheb by Supriya Vinod ( his Daughter) we were doing a story of CID, directed by B.P.Singh on Sony TV, there on the set, she mentioned to me that her father is Directing a film for NFDC and is casting for the same, she forwarded my pictures to him, and from the day I met him till date I am his fan, I find his scripts perfect, I have not come across any writer who can match him, his stories, screen play, dialogues, and his climax of the story are just brilliance, extraordinary, so well thought and convincing, that any actor would find it easy to work with him, I have done lot of stories with him on television, mostly " Gahire Paani " stories such as " अंधार वाडा ", " बंध ", " ऋंको " " काळी बहुली ", " चिठठी ", and
" रात " ( Raat ) in Hindi, This brilliant story was earlier done for Zee Tv after the success for Gahire Paani, Zee wanted Matkari saheb to do a serial in Hindi on his short stories, and " Raat " was the first story, unfortunate for Zee, they missed out on a great serial, as they delayed the project for reasons only they know, but fortunately Manju Singh loved this story and bought it for Doordarshan in her serial " Ek Kahani " and people loved it, this story is written in such a way that it shocks you as moves forward, very gripping and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. This is one of my favourite stories on television " बंध " ( Bandh ) , what a brilliant script, not worth for television , its for a film only, waste on television, this story was very well shot by Matkari saheb, I loved the thought and the way this story unfolds, and its climax, I have never come across anyone who has come close to Matkari saheb when it comes to the climax of any story, and this story also has an extra ordinary climax, I wish I have all these stories on my record. This is a working still from the story " काळी बहुली " ( kaali Bahuli ) , and this was Directed by Ganesh Matkari, while directing this television story he showed his brilliance as a director, I thoroughly enjoyed acting under his direction, some extraordinary shots were taken by him, only regrate is that this should have been a film and not a serial, Ganesh can become a very good international standard director once he directs feature films. ( काळी बहुली with Suchitra Bandekar )
I was introduced to Matkari saheb in connection to films and that has not happened till date, working under his direction and performing the character written by him is always a dreams which will happen very soon, and I also look forward to work with Ganesh ....

June 22, 2008

Smiles which faded away, remember these gems who are no more,

Sudhir Joshi, Very in jolly person, I had a very very good relationship with him, he loved to tease me, and enjoyed every bit of it, whenever we met he would shout and call me " Gooholi ", and whenever we both got time then it would be very serious talks, lovey man, very very intelligent, happy go lucky, we both did " Devki " and " Mast Kalandar " together, " Mast Kalandar "remain incomplete, which the makers wants to complete it after so long and I will be shooting for the film tomorrow. And it will be very difficult for me on the set, as he would not be around and the echo of "Gooholi " only I would be hearing, sudhirji had a heart attack in Bangkok, and had to go through bypass there itself, and after his return from there he passed away in mumbai.I wish he was around.
Monisha & her mum, had a car accident near Bangalore while coming for a film shooting, in which her mum was seriously injured and Monisha dead.

Monisha Unni, my malayalam film " ARYAN " heroine, from Bangalore, this was the film Directed by Priyadarshan, She had won the National award for acting for the film " Nagachidangan " her first malayalam film, so for me it was an honour to work opposite her, in the beginning I was little tensed but when I met her for the first time with her mum, i found her to be very simple, humble and full of life, very innocent. Whenever I meet any Malayali person I say " നിങളുടെ പെരിയണ്ട ? " Nigalude pariyanda ? means what is your name ? and I remember Monisha, as she used to teach me Malayalam and I taught her Marathi, and both could never learn each others language, but we kept on trying to learn while shooting, she was a great human being, her hair was always talked about , it was her toe length, very long hair she had, after the shoot and when the film was released in Kerala, she had written to me that she had gone to the theatre to see the film and couldn't get the tickets , and how excited she was to see our huge banners all around. I still have her birthday card, life is too short, she past away in an car accident while coming from shoot near Bangalore. God also wants good souls with him...

Ajay Bane, the ever smiling face, who is no more now, passed away, had an heart attack, since my Maratha Battalion days he is been encouraging me, he had loved my work, and since then he was always close to me, he did the publicity of many of my films, his advertising firms called Ahswini Publicity was involved in many for my films press, tv ads, premieres, press conferences and he was always personally present whereever it may be, be it poona, satara, mumbai, he was there and saw to it that I was given due respect, as most of the reports & journalist always wanted to interview stars, he many a time forces them to interview me, I felt uncomfortable at time and mostly avoided these press, but he was a gem, always smiling , full of life, I miss him, was a good soul.

" Dhak Ghar Apna Ghar " Zee TV, with Ashwini Kalsekar, Directed By Pravin Karale

This show was for Zee TV, a for me it was the first time as an Anchor, and I had a tough time, and was not at all good at it, and My co-actor was Ashwini Kalsekar, with whom I had done to two serials which never came on air, she is still a good friend and Ashwini was master in Anchoring, and made me very comfortable, we had great moments while shooting, Yesterday I met Pravin Karale, after ages, he is directing a Marathi film and offered me a nice role in it, unfortunately I had done a similar kind of role in Mahesh Manjarekar's "Aai ", and I don't enjoy these kind of roles, today I wouldn't do Mahesh's Aai, that time also I had expressed my displeasure, but it was the beginning of Marathi film career, so may be I must have said yes, Pravin being a friend with whom I had enjoyed Dak Ghar Apna Ghar, which he used to Direct, we became close friends since then, so this time also I found it difficult to say no to him for that role, when I was looking forward to do a film with him, he is a very good director, hope we work together in future.

June 20, 2008


If you want to see god, I have them for you, soo many of them.

All this kids I met while shooting, at functions and they are all bliss, full of life, very happy go lucky, teaches you how to live life, I calll them children of heavan , what is heavan on earth ? these are the kids, yes you can see god in them....


SMILES goes miles, great moment we had on the shooting set, some people are so lovely and humourous that they make you laugh all the time. ( still from Most Wanted with Ashok Saraf, Rajan & Kiran ) and how time flies by you never realise, these smiles make things very easy, make difficult things very smooth. ( still from "Bhakti Shakti" with Vijay Shetty & Vidur sir )

Vijay Chavan make the shooting atmosphere so humourous that some times it becomes very difficult to concentrate on work. ( Still from Mahima Khandobacha" Deepali, Manohar Sarvakar, Child artist & Vijumama )

His Moruchi Maushi was all time hit play almost since 20 years, in which he Played a woman , the impact is so much that now also directors want him to play the same, and he looks so horrible in the getup, but a lovable person. ( still from "Halad"
assistant Shawan and Vijumama)

hilarous moment on the set of Most Wanted ( with Deepak Shikhe, Jay Pandia & Kadkol )

And Arra Arra Abba was a Humourous film from the word go, And played Tushar, who is a serious guy, but funny only in this song sequence ( still photo with Sadashiv Ambrapurkar, Dada Barde, Surekha Kudchi )

(still from Most Wanted )

This is from "Sasar Mandir" very high voltage emotional drama, the Director Pitamber Kale made things easy with is knowledge and calmness ( still with Kale saheb & laxmi played by Mansi )

( still Most wanted with Ashok Saraf & Kiran Ronge )

Film Ghat PratiGhat still with Alkatai Atale & Rajan Prabhu

funny moments Rajan Prabhu & Jay

Sumo pehalwan in halad

Audience watch the shot of my " Kal Bhairav " in Kolhapur

Still from the golden jubillee film " Aai " with Nina Kulkarni, Medha & Mahesh

Madhu Kambikar's Surprise birthday on the set of " Mahima Khandobacha "

Production Manager Mr Kane sleeping on the set of " Kal Bhairav"

Recordist doing the same on the set, imaging the speed of the shoot.

Viju mama , got a competition

Production Manager Kanemama sitting to pay cash after packup.

Director Manohar Sarwankar & Costume designer Prakash Nimkar smiles on the set of " Mahima Khaodobacha .

Director Reema jokes and I loose concentration before the shot on the set of " Arra Arra Abba "

Photoshoot of Arra Arra Abba with Sadashiv Ambrapukar

This is our funniest group of actors ever formed, this combination can never happen again, they will make you laugh till you fall down from your seat ( still from Arra Arra Abba - with from your left Vikas Samudre, Satish Tare, Teja Devkar, Vishal Jadhav & Sunil Huske )

This photo represents the exact mood of this gang, great moments are cherished for a life time, happiness is the key to success, the message these photographs convey is happiness, be happy and make the world a nice place to live.

there are many more these kind of photographs and again it is impossible for me to have all of them on this blog, just wanted to give you an idea, what happens behind the scene while shooting marathi films. from experienced actor like Ashok saraf & Shadashiv Ambrapurkar to a very fresh newcomer like Vishal Jadhav all become one when they smile. there is no star just a nice family atmosphere, I am lucky to have these moments freezed in the camera and can be shared with all of you.....