June 26, 2008

" Gahire Paani " by Ratnakar Matkari

I was introduced to Ratnakar Matkari saheb by Supriya Vinod ( his Daughter) we were doing a story of CID, directed by B.P.Singh on Sony TV, there on the set, she mentioned to me that her father is Directing a film for NFDC and is casting for the same, she forwarded my pictures to him, and from the day I met him till date I am his fan, I find his scripts perfect, I have not come across any writer who can match him, his stories, screen play, dialogues, and his climax of the story are just brilliance, extraordinary, so well thought and convincing, that any actor would find it easy to work with him, I have done lot of stories with him on television, mostly " Gahire Paani " stories such as " अंधार वाडा ", " बंध ", " ऋंको " " काळी बहुली ", " चिठठी ", and
" रात " ( Raat ) in Hindi, This brilliant story was earlier done for Zee Tv after the success for Gahire Paani, Zee wanted Matkari saheb to do a serial in Hindi on his short stories, and " Raat " was the first story, unfortunate for Zee, they missed out on a great serial, as they delayed the project for reasons only they know, but fortunately Manju Singh loved this story and bought it for Doordarshan in her serial " Ek Kahani " and people loved it, this story is written in such a way that it shocks you as moves forward, very gripping and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. This is one of my favourite stories on television " बंध " ( Bandh ) , what a brilliant script, not worth for television , its for a film only, waste on television, this story was very well shot by Matkari saheb, I loved the thought and the way this story unfolds, and its climax, I have never come across anyone who has come close to Matkari saheb when it comes to the climax of any story, and this story also has an extra ordinary climax, I wish I have all these stories on my record. This is a working still from the story " काळी बहुली " ( kaali Bahuli ) , and this was Directed by Ganesh Matkari, while directing this television story he showed his brilliance as a director, I thoroughly enjoyed acting under his direction, some extraordinary shots were taken by him, only regrate is that this should have been a film and not a serial, Ganesh can become a very good international standard director once he directs feature films. ( काळी बहुली with Suchitra Bandekar )
I was introduced to Matkari saheb in connection to films and that has not happened till date, working under his direction and performing the character written by him is always a dreams which will happen very soon, and I also look forward to work with Ganesh ....

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